Hack Challenge #2:
Autonomous Driving

The fascinating world of autonomous driving is in its early stages. The first cars able to take over the responsibility of driving from the driver are on the road and more is still to come. In this hack challenge, you will be working with the tool stack of the OpenADx initiative, an industry wide movement started to boost the development of autonomous driving solutions. Experiment on all aspects of automated driving, work with data obtained from real world sensors, and develop your own autonomous driving functions.


  • Remote controlled rover with control unit and sensor set
  • Sensors from an automated driving race series
  • A Porsche GT 3 show car with sensor set and actuators
  • A Carrera race track with sensor set and actuators


  • Azure data storage and cloud services
  • Calponia
  • Eclipse Hono
  • Eclipse IoT
  • AirSim Vehicle Simulator
  • AGL based control unit for the rover
  • Eclipse Che based development environment
  • Base algorithms for autonomous driving from the Formula Student autonomous racing series
Who is supporting this hack challenge?

The Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit, member supported corporation that hosts the Eclipse projects and helps cultivate both an open source community and an ecosystem of complementary products and services. The foundation manages the IT infrastructure for the Eclipse open source community, including Git code repositories, Bugzilla databases, development oriented mailing lists and forums, download site and web site.

Eclipse Hono
Eclipse IoT

Formula Student is a student association which has been around for more than nine years. This year, it is hosting the Formula Student driverless competition for the first time. Here students will develop a racing car that can operate without a driver in autonomous mode, or with a driver in a manual mode. Various industrial players will be supporting them with new sensor technology and industrial expertise.


Sensor set and base algorithms for autonomous driving on race tracks

Chassis Systems Control develops and manufactures innovative components, functions and systems that are designed to make driving a safe and comfortable experience. We network vehicles to other road users, infrastructure and the internet to ensure that our vision of accident and injury-free driving becomes a reality.

Data Ingestion into Azure Cloud

Bosch Engineering GmbH is an engineering service provider, who offers development and application solutions for electronic systems in the Bosch portfolio.

Porsche GT
Carrera Bahn

Bosch Software Innovations, the Bosch Group’s software and systems house, designs, develops, and operates innovative software and system solutions. The Production Performance Manager is a production information and evaluation system. In near real time, it collects production and machine data, combines it to produce a visual representation, and communicates defined events to the production worker, who may be involved directly or indirectly.

Open source expertise

Hack MC: Lars Geyer-Blaumeiser

Senior Expert Open Source Software

Lars joined Bosch 15 years ago and worked in research and development of tools for control unit in various roles throughout the company. Recently he joined the Open Source Services organization because ten years of working with Open Source had created the need to give something back and drive the idea within Bosch as well as the automotive industry as a whole.

Coder: Backend, Embedded, AI, Simulation
Coding languages: C++, Java, Matlab

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