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Creating connections with real benefit to improve daily life –
today and in the future

We believe that connectivity is more than just technology. It’s part of our lives. It improves mobility, shapes the cities of the future, and makes homes smarter, industry connected, and healthcare more efficient. In every sphere, Bosch is working towards a connected world.

A world that opens up possibilities no one could ever have imagined. So let’s go beyond building connected devices. Let’s build connections with real benefit – around the world, across the web, within the cloud. Let’s connect founders with funders, dreamers with doers, parts with the whole. Let’s link the virtual and the physical. See the huge IoT exhibition, be inspired by numerous live showcases and touchable exhibits and discover the Internet of Things.


Bosch is making the vehicle an active part of the Internet

Bosch connects systems inside and outside the car to create intelligent mobility solutions that make driving smarter. For economical, efficient, safe and comfortable mobility that’s exciting and enjoyable.

Get into the show car, where the intelligent connected car will turn into your third area of life. But there is more: learn about the wide range of mobility solutions offered by Bosch such as: the workshop of the future, intrusion detection and prevention for all kind of vehicles, secure truck parking solutions, wrong way driver warning, and much much more… by experiencing the connected workshop with VR glasses with integrated sensors to see right into the heart of the car or play the racer game where you see what driving with foresight means for you, amongst others.

Home / City / Building

Smart Bosch solutions for cities and your home

Bosch is transforming the cities of the future into vibrant, attractive, and sustainable places for people to be. These connected cities are interactive communities where everyday life is easy and efficient and people are in tune with each other and their city. We provide connected solutions, devices and services for people in the city. Working with city stakeholders and partners, we strive to simplify urban mobility, enhance safety and security, optimize use of resources, and support citizen participation.

We define a Smart Home (whether a stand-alone or system solution) as an intelligent dwelling in which devices communicate with each other and automatically adapt to constantly changing daily needs. For more comfort, security and energy efficiency. Come, see, feel and experience up close the kind of convenience you can enjoy with the variety of connected home appliances or connected building solutions.


Industry 4.0 at Bosch – Solutions for the entire value stream

What will customers want in the future? They will demand a wider range of variants and more personalized products. Thus, future production must be able to adapt quickly to changed market requirements. Industry 4.0 is the answer to this challenge.

Be there at the Connected Factory and experience Bosch’s wide range of hardware and software solutions for the connected industry. Solutions such as Connected Automation 4.0, Intelligent Systems for Man-Machine Collaboration or Connected Shopfloor will be demonstrated by a production line with automatic stations, several industry robots as well as a bottle line machine, amongst others.


Software for the Internet of Things – Leading the way into the connected world with software solutions

The way the IoT is transforming the world offers great opportunities for many sectors, such as manufacturing, mobility, energy, and more. Discover how Bosch software solutions help companies improve the way they run their businesses and bring new revenue channels and products to life.

See how the Bosch IoT Suite – a cloud-enabled software package for developing applications in the Internet of Things – provides a toolbox for IoT applications as well as the platform for specific industry solutions. Experience the ProSyst IoT middleware which allows you to connect and manage devices in the cloud and implement innovative IoT applications. Take your seat in a driving simulator or see a live demo including a hololens or the connected vending machine and discover how these technologies and software solutions work. So far: More than five million devices are already connected via the Bosch IoT Suite. More than 700 IoT experts and 150 IoT projects around the world bring products to life.

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