Dr. Volkmar Denner and the most influential leaders in the industry come together at Bosch ConnectedWorld, Bosch’s annual Internet of Things conference and exhibition. Featuring inspirational keynotes and best-practice presentations by experts, as well as demos, interviews, and panel discussions, Bosch ConnectedWorld will show you what it takes to launch your digital industrial business or grow it further.

Day 2

Thursday, March 16

08:00 – 09:00 | EXHIBITION AREA

Welcome & Exhibition

09:00 – 10:15 | GRAND STAGE

The future of mobility

Dr. Dirk Hoheisel

Chairman, Bosch

Jen-Hsun Huang

Co-Founder, President, and CEO, Nvidia
A perfect storm: Data, digitization and disruption

Edzard Overbeek

10:15 – 10:45 | EXHIBITION AREA

Break & Exhibition

10:45 – 12:30 | BREAKOUT STAGES

Parallel Breakout Sessions

Connecting cars, motorcycles, or trucks to the internet results in new services and additional benefits that reach far beyond a vehicle’s current function. But first and foremost, connected mobility is changing the way people move – today and tomorrow.

Welcome to the mobility session: Mobility is more than driving

Thomas Fellger

CEO, Iconmobile

Building a new kind of transportation

Dirk Ahlborn

CEO, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc
Session Keynote

Connected services are changing how people move today and tomorrow

Jumana Al-Sibai

Executive VP, Bosch

The „evolution„ of BMW Motorrad – electrified and connected

Dr. Ralf Rodepeter

General Manager, Brand and Product Communication, BMW Motorrad

Raise your voice

Holger Weiss

CEO, German Auto Labs


Elena Ford

VP, Global Dealer and Customer Experience, Ford

Thomas Fellger

CEO, iconmobile
Session Chair & Moderator

Augmented reality (AR) can improve workplace processes by combining the best of both the real and the virtual worlds. AR will have a massive impact on how we work, learn, and interact in the future, and is already revolutionizing manufacturing, product design, marketing, sales, education, training, and much more.

Measureable efficiency gains through AR

Paul Davies

Technical Fellow, Boeing
Session Keynote

Where is the ROI in AR? AR use cases in the automotive aftermarket

Fedra Ribeiro

VP, Global OES, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket
Session Keynote

AR Use Cases in Manufacturing

Tali Segall

VP Innovation at Siemens PLM Software, Siemens

AR: The best of both worlds

Rhonda Truitt

Global Director, Technical Communication Innovation and Best Practices Center, Huawei

Where is the ROI in AR?

Dirk Ahlborn

CEO, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc

Alex O’Neill

Global Diagnostic Technical Leader, ‎Jaguar Land Rover

Laura Heinrich-Litan

Program Director, Central Research Bosch
PANEL DISCUSSIONürgen-Lumera.png

Jürgen Lumera

Director, AR Product Management, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions
Session Chair & Moderator

A key enabler of the IoT is the computing capability that controls the sensors, the gateways and communications infrastructure, and the servers that make up the end-to-end topography. At each stage of an IoT system, there is a purpose-built silicon chip providing this and other key functionalities.

Scaling IoT from silicon to clouds

Dr. Krisztian Flautner

VP Technology & Strategy, ARM

Connecting the IoT Edge Node with Multiprotocol, Multi-Band Wireless SoCs

Tom Panell

Director of IoT Marketing, Silicon Labs

Securing the IoT starts with the silicon

Sam Fuller

Director, NXP Semiconductor

Panel Discussion
How to address security challenges in the IoT

Dr. Krisztian Flautner
Tom Panell
Sam Fuller
Dr. Martin Emele

VP Product Group Security, ETAS

Rhonda Dirvin

Director, IoT Verticals ARM, and Director, OpenFog Consortium
Session Chair & Moderator

12:30 – 13:40 | EXHIBITION AREA

Lunch & Exhibition

13:40 – 14:30 | GRAND STAGE

The Paradigm Shift in the Automotive Industry: Autonomous Driving

Elmar Frickenstein

Senior VP Autonomous Driving, Driver Assistance, BMW AG
The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Design of Self-driving Cars

Prof. Amnon Shashua

Mobileye Co-founder, Chairman and CTO , Mobileye

14:30 – 16:15 | BREAKOUT STAGES

Parallel Breakout Sessions

Smart cities improve their citizens’ quality of life as well as the city’s economic efficiency while conserving resources – by managing traffic, mobility, and energy. Smart commercial buildings adapt to user requirements and provide increased safety and security.

Cultivating walled gardens in smart cities

Usman Haque

Session Keynote

Moving toward an innovative and Senseable City

Erin Baumgartner

Senseable City Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Cloud-based In-Store Analytics: Retail Services based on Video Analysis and Data-Mining

Jan Karl Warzelhan

Team Lead, Cloud-based Services Engineering, Bosch Security Systems

Digital construction – Fiction or Reality?

Mathias Huth

Director, Bosch Security Systems

Thomas Jaissle

Director, Drees & Sommer

Expert Round
How will commercial buildings be operated and managed in the future?
Stations of the future:

Cedric Gallais

Innovation Manager, SYSTRA

Airports of the future:

Nicos Peonides

Associate Director, Arup

Gabriel Wetzel

VP, IoT, Bosch Software Innovations
Session Chair & Moderator

Autonomous Driving is the hottest topic of 2017, with more and more test systems being on the road and in the field. Automotive vendors are racing to advance from now “basic” ADAS to more and more advanced solutions, with fully autonomous driving in urban areas still being the holy grail. This session will provide an overview of the status quo and the road ahead.ó-Kishonti.jpg

Laszlo Kishonti

CEO, AI motive

Rob Swanson

Principal Engineer, Standards and Technology Office, Internet of Things Group, Intel Corporation

The Autonomous Drive Software Challenge

Dr. Stan Schneider

CEO, Real-Time Innovations

Revolutionising Autonomous Driving with Deep Learning

Kai Yu, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO, Horizon Robotics

Dr. Michael Fausten

VP, Vehicle Systems Engineering, Bosch
Session Chair & Moderator

By enabling trusted, automated transactions without the need for third parties, blockchain increases agility and security wherever and whenever goods or information change hands. So blockchain enables new applications and services in a connected world.

Blockchain-certified quality –increasing trust in things and digital data
Speaker to be released soon
Session Keynote

Blockchain “under the hood” – how does it work and how does it impact your business

Timo Gessmann

Head of Bosch IoT Lab, University of St. Gallen

The digital full service history: Long term maintenance of value and increasing safety in the automotive aftermarket
Speaker to be released soon

Panel discussion
How blockchain maintains and increases the value of “things”?

16:15 – 17:45 | EXHIBITION STAGE

Bosch ConnectedExperience Award Ceremony

Dirk Slama

Chief Alliances Officer, Bosch Software Innovations
And short listed hackathon teams


Hackathon Open Space

Meet all hackathon teams and see how they have made the IoT happen during the two days with Bosch and Bosch partners’ hardware and software products. Click here to learn more about the hackathon Bosch ConnectedExperience.


End of Bosch ConnectedWorld and Bosch ConnectedExperience

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