Hack Challenge #1:
Connected Mobility Services

Join the hack challenge Connected Mobility Services and kick-start the next generation of automotive IoT applications. As an example, you can use Bosch mySPIN SDK to easily connect your app to your car – or motorbike. To improve future connected mobility, several use cases come to mind, including driver assistance, driver information and entertainment, autonomous driving, the car as the third living space (your home is first and your office is second), multimodal mobility, preventive diagnosis, or fleet management. Join this hack challenge if you have promising ideas related to connected mobility – and want to bring them to life.


  • Smart Home Controller (window contacts, lights, heating devices)
  • Demo motorbikes and/ or cars
  • Demo hardware
  • Bosch Cross Domain Development Kit XDK
  • A Porsche GT 3 show car with sensor set and actuators
  • A Carrera race track with sensor set and actuators


  • Mapbox navigation SDKs and APIs
  • Bosch mySPIN SDK for 4-wheelers and 2-wheelers
  • Bosch Connected Services Applications
  • Bosch IoT Cloud
  • Bosch IoT Suite
  • Visual Rules
  • Calponia
Who is supporting this hack challenge?

Mapbox’s navigation SDKs and APIs enable you to build fully customized navigation solutions for apps and embedded devices. Provide accurate directions and durations informed by live traffic, use a drop-in UI to get turn-by-turn navigation natively in your iOS or Android app, and layer in our Maps and Search capabilities for your custom navigation product.

Directions APIs
Navigation SDK
Live Traffic
Maps for Qt SDK

The Bosch mySPIN smartphone integration solution makes apps compatible for in-car use, allowing drivers to operate them by touch and in a user-friendly way directly on the vehicle’s central display. On powersports equipment and two-wheelers, the system is operated by means of a remote-control unit mounted on the steering wheel or handlebar. The apps are presented to the user in “car mode”, ensuring they are always safe and convenient to use.


Bosch Connected Horizon’s map-matching API provides cloud-based matching of collected geo-coordinates with a digital map, enabling the precise positioning of objects or information on the map.


The Bosch Driving App includes a safe assistance solution that provides users with access to relevant content on their smartphone while driving. With voice control and an intuitive user interface, the app makes driving much more enjoyable.


Bosch’s Emergency Assistant offers solutions for improved health and safety. Its dedicated emergency solution, for instance, sends help almost instantly. Using a secure medical ID, the BEA provides customers with professional internet-enabled assistance.

With the free Bosch Vivatar companion app, customers can be navigated home safely while being accompanied virtually by their loved ones. Customers can tell the app where they want to go, and authorized family members or friends can see their exact current position.

Bosch’s Calponia is an online platform for engineering solutions. In combination with connectivity services, for example, Calponia offers a comprehensive solution for cloud-based automotive development.

With the Bosch Charging App you can connect to our REST API to integrate 17,400 publicly available and web-enabled charge points in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and France.

With the distributed ledger-technology of the IOTA-Foundation and connected services technologies, you can accept the challenge to solve typical problems arising in vehicle-to-X scenarios – where X may stand for vehicles, infrastructure, or anything in the IoT

The Bosch Connected Services API gives you access to vehicle data like trip details, GPS tracks, fuel consumption, and accident information from real cars. You can use our API to create awesome apps and services to shape the future of mobility.

By developing Automated Valet Parking, Bosch has introduced an autonomous driverless system that guides vehicles to a free space in parking garages using the intelligent infrastructure. The car parks itself, saving the driver a lot of stress. Thanks to a combination of various technologies, the AVP solution is easy and straightforward to use.

Inspiring Presentations in the Hack Challenge
Day 1 | 10:00am

Entry of digital services into the motorbike
Michael Heimrath
CTO, BMW Motorrad

Day 1 | 10:15am

How AR and AI will transform the driver experience 
Alex Barth
VP Business Development, Mapbox

Day 1 | 10:30am

Urban Mobility and Logistics 2020
Prof. Christoph von Viebahn
University of Applied Sciences Hanover, Urban Logistics

Day 1 | 10:45am

The right content at the right place and the right time: how to rethink existing content distribution models
Marco Maas
Open-Data-Consultant, Data-Journalist

Day 2 | 10:00am

“How not to kill your idea with a bad pitch”
Christoph Sollich
Pitch Doctor

Hack MC: Kay Herget

Business Development and Strategy, Bosch SoftTec

Kay joined Bosch SoftTec, a spin-off of Robert Bosch Car Multimedia, in September 2013. He started his career at Bosch back in 2004 and worked in product management, strategy, and marketing in various divisions in the mobility sector as well as in the solar industry. As head of Marketing, Business Development and Strategy, he is on a mission to find, explore, and shape future connected mobility solutions – for a sustainable and comfortable future.

Coder: iOS (Objective C, Swift), Android, frontend & backend, (UI/UX) designer
Coding languages: Java, JavaScript, CSS
Twitter: @herg4711