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Discover the open software and hardware tools Bosch is developing to support the ecosystem around smart products at the integrated Bosch ConnectedExperience. In a hackathon setting, teams will tackle challenges using these tools. By learning, sharing, making, and hacking, developers can bring their IoT ideas and products to life by working with Bosch and Bosch eco-system partners’ hardware and software products. Over 500 software and hardware developers, product designers, and product managers from Bosch customers, IoT start-ups, and independents will be sharing their approaches and best practices for IoT-enabled products, apps, and services.


What to expect?

Participants will gain hands-on experience in:

  • Designing, defining, and developing connected products, apps, and services

  • Developing sustainable user experiences

  • Engaging with Bosch and their ecosystem partners and with their respective IoT sensor, software, and hardware stack


Who is the hackathon for?

  • New coders and experienced coders

  • People already developing solutions or wanting to start

  • Designers and idea generators

Challenges – to be announced soon!


Last years‘ hack challenges

In 2016, participants had the choice between four hack challenges:


In this hack challenge, participants had an API to connect the digital twin of a car to other IoT domains (e.g. Smart Home) and had the opportunity to bring apps onto a car’s head unit. Additionally, they were able to test their developed apps as a simulation in real cars.

Watch the highlights:

Connected Industrial Services

Participants leveraged Bosch tracking devices to build the next generation of tracking solutions and got their hands on the very latest technology, including Bosch’s advanced wireless Nexo tightening system. They built industrial solutions with the Bosch IoT Suite and PTC ThingWorx.

Watch the highlights:

Connected Manufacturing

This hack challenge gave participants a chance to use the latest industrial drive and control components for manufacturing automation, plus the hardware and software required for building truly connected manufacturing solution, including machine control and 3D machine simulation.

Watch the highlights:

Connected Sensors

Connected sensors and cloud technologies formed the basis for the development of smart IoT apps in this hack challenge. Participants who joined this hack challenge used Bosch’s leading sensors, our latest cloud technologies, and prototyped their connected sensor idea.

Watch the highlights:

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