Hack Challenge #4:
Supply Chain & Logistics 4.0

Combine sensor data from trucks, pallets and containers with logistics data and manage the quality of your freight, time of arrival, and avoid delivery problems along the supply chain. Join this hack challenge to make supply chains more efficient.


  • Intellic Digital Tachograph
  • Intellic Smart Cockpits for trucks
  • Bosch Transport Data Logger
  • Modelling of connected forklifts, trucks, containers, and pallets


  • Bosch Enterprise Cloud Bridge
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • IoTIFY network simulator
  • MongoDB database
  • Google Cloud
  • T-Labs Blockchain software solution
Who is supporting this hack challenge?
Intellic GmbH is a leading high-tech firm developing digital tachographs since 1999. Based in Hausmannstätten by Graz, Austria and Berlin, Germany, Intellic is an authorized manufacturer of digital tachographs developed to comply with all relevant EU tachograph regulations. Intellic engineers, manufactures and markets the EFAS Digital Tachograph together with accessories in the EFAS portfolio.

Intellic Digital Tachograph
Intellic Smart Cockpits for trucks

IoTIFY is an EU based software-tool provider for the IoT. With IoTIFY, you can rapidly prototype and test IoT deployments and underlying logic at a fraction of the current time and cost using a  standard web browser. From a single device to millions, IoTIFY can also help you scale. IoTIFY can run on your premises or as a hosted solution in SaaS mode.

Virtual Lab for the IoT
Smart Network simulator for the IoT


SOTEC is an internationally successful boutique service provider for soft- and hardware engineering based in Germany. Since 2008 and with a focus on IoT, Cloud, Industrie 4.0 and Retail Technology, we create solutions and products on top of Google Cloud. Our unique end-to-end know-how, from the hardware level to cloud architectures, along with BigData and Machine Learning, lets us deliver cutting-edge solutions for our customers.

Google Cloud Service

Telekom Innovation Laboratories is the research and innovation unit at Deutsche Telekom and the first port of call for innovation issues. T-Labs operates in three distinct worlds and helps to bring industry & start-ups, science, academia and Telekom together. Blockchain Group, established in June 2017, coordinates Blockchain initiatives DT Group wide.

T-Labs Blockchain software solution

Bosch Software Innovations, the Bosch Group’s software and systems house, designs, develops, and operates innovative software and system solutions. The Production Performance Manager is a production information and evaluation system. In near real time, it collects production and machine data, combines it to produce a visual representation, and communicates defined events to the production worker, who may be involved directly or indirectly.

Enterprise Cloud Bridge

Hack MC: Antonio Martinez

Senior Solution Architect, Bosch Software Innovations

Antonio joined Bosch Software Innovations in 2014. He is a senior solution architect and responsible for the product effilink, that features remote maintenance, remote access, analytics, and condition monitoring. Since 2003, Antonio has been digitalizing logistics processes and supply chains in various companies and is therefore the ideal choice to guide you through this hack challenge.

Coder: Frontend coder, UX & UI specialist
Twitter: @realaxity

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